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Mars Needs Moms 2011

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Име : Mars Needs Moms 2011
Рилийз : Mars.needs.Moms.2011.R5.DVDRip.XVID.AC3.HQ.Hive-CM8
Преводач : За сега няма
IMDb : Mars Needs Moms
Cd# : 1
FPS : 25.000
Сваляния : 29
Качени на : 2011-06-13 03:50:30
Качил : diojan  
Оцени субтитри : 
Оценка 0 от 5 (0 Гласа)

Благодарили: няма
ОписаниеGenre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi
Country: USA

The film follows a boy named Milo. Milo is just beginning summer but his mother gives him chores and tasks like weeding the garden or eating his vegetables. But after Milo tints his sister's face purple, his mother sees no humor in this. She orders him up to his room. After an argument with his mother in which Milo says "I don't see what's so special about mothers!", Milo goes to his room. After falling asleep, Milo does not hear the rumble of the rocket landing outside. After, Martians enter Milo's house and take away his mother. Milo realizes that he has to rescue her. Milo embarks on an adventure to rescue his mother.
Подобни субтитри :
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