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Majority a.k.a Cogunluk 2010

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Име : Majority a.k.a Cogunluk 2010
Рилийз : Majority (2010)
Преводач : За сега няма
IMDb : Majority a.k.a Cogunluk
Cd# : 1
FPS : 25.000
Сваляния : 22
Качени на : 2011-04-12 01:46:15
Качил : diojan  
Оцени субтитри : 
Оценка 0 от 5 (0 Гласа)

Благодарили: няма
ОписаниеGenre: Drama
Country: Turkey

A young man's difficult relationship with his family becomes toxic when he falls in love in this drama from Turkey. 21-year-old Mertkan has spent his whole life under the thumb of his arrogant and bullying father Kemal. While Kemal has built a successful construction business, Mertkan has accomplished little of note; while he has an undemanding job with his dad's company, he has no authority, still lives with his parents and is subject to their rules, which makes Kemal's attitude towards his son all the worse. Mertkan meets Gul, a pretty and spirited woman who works as a waitress, and a mutual infatuation grows between them; Gul ran away from her hometown in a Kurdish village near the Armenian border to go to college and make something of herself, and Mertkan is impressed with her beauty as well as her independence. But Mertkan's friend Ersan makes fun of Gul's gypsy heritage, and when Kemal angrily forbids his son to keep dating Gul, Mertkan is inspired to stand up to his father for the first time, though it may be too late for him to change.
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Majority.(2010) Английски субтитри

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