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Bjarnfredarson 2009

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Име : Bjarnfredarson 2009
Рилийз : Bjarnfredarson.2009
Преводач : Няма за сега
IMDb : Bjarnfredarson
Cd# : 1
FPS : 23.976
Сваляния : 23
Качени на : 2011-01-28 17:59:28
Качил : oziris811  
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Оценка 0 от 5 (0 Гласа)

Благодарили: няма
Описание Държава: Исландия - Жанр: Комедия
   Премиера: 26 Декември 2009 (Исландия)
   IMDB Оценка на филма: 7.4/10 (238 гласували)

"A redemption story that spans almost fifty years, about Georg, an over educated know-it-all, that has just been released from jail, but is still a prisoner of his own past.

MR. BJARNFREDARSON documents the epic story of GEORG, a hapless man, out of synch with society in search of redemption before his time on this earth runs out. Based on a wildly popular and award winning television series, MR. BJARNFREDARSON is the final, stand-alone chapter in the lives of the former co-workers and friends GEORG BJARNFREDARSON, an over-educated know-it-all and social outcast; DANIEL SÆVARSSON, a young man who's struggling with the web of lies he's concocted to deceive his family who think he's finishing medical school; And OLAFUR RAGNAR, a 40 year old man-child who is still struggling to fit in with the in-crowd. The story begins when Georg is released on parole after a long stay in jail for murder. When BJARNFREDUR his mother refuses to take him in, practically disowning him, Daniel, who Georg tried to frame for the murder he committed, reluctantly invites him to stay at his place until he gets back on his feet. Olafur, a former co-worker of the two and a perpetual yet lovable looser who can't hold down a job for more than a few weeks, is also staying at Daniel's house to the annoyance of Ylfa, Daniel's wife. When these three men reconnect, all hell breaks loose. Daniel's lies to his family are painfully revealed when he is supposed to graduate as a doctor but has instead spent his time at an art university making a video instalment about Georg. Olafur finally catches a break and gets a job on the radio, makes friends and gets a taste for the life he always yearned for - but his new-found popularity is fragile, especially when Georg is beginning to display romantic interest in him, in front of the alpha males he’s now socializing with. Meanwhile Georg has to deal with Bjarnfredur and their past, and as his world spins out of control, Georg realizes that all his woe can be traced back to his mother, and a reckoning is inevitable. Alongside the main story, we see Georg's youth during the seventies, when he was a small boy. We see how his mother, a fierce feminist, communist and professional protester completely eradicated all semblance of normalcy through hyper political correctness and staunch liberalism. We in fact, see the birth of all of Georg's many dysfunctions. As the layers get peeled off we begin to care for the man we’ve loved to hate. BJARNFREDARSON is a tragic comedy about love, lies, parenthood and everything in between. "
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