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Arrancame la vida / Изтръгни ми живота 2008

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Име : Arrancame la vida / Изтръгни ми живота 2008
Рилийз : Arrancame la vida (2008)
Преводач : Zalmen Behar
IMDb : Arrancame la vida / Изтръгни ми живота
Cd# : 1
FPS : 25.000
Сваляния : 1075
Качени на : 2012-09-21 19:28:00
Качил : zalmen  
Оцени субтитри : 
Оценка 5 от 5 (1 Глас)

Благодарили: Marinell,
ОписаниеBest Mexican production in years.

Arrancame la vida begins its journey during a transformative period in Mexican history. The Revolution of 1910 is over and the country’s rule is open to whatever politician had the audacity to grab it. Dominating men fight ruthlessly for control, manipulating and exploiting others to gain power. Growing up in 1930s Mexico, Catalina Guzman knows little of the world beyond her father’s house, unaware of the political storm that looming over the whole country. General Andres Ascensio is one of the iconic men who exemplifies the concept of Mexican machismo. He arrives unannounced into Catalina’s life, confidently seducing her into marriage. She follows him willingly, entranced by his power, wealth, sexuality and the escape he offers from her provincial life. She is pushed into the tedious existence of a politician’s wife, an endless series of state dinners, public speeches and social obligations. Despite her bravery and enduring spirit, Catalina is encaged by her marriage to Andres until she meets the young and vibrant Carlos Vives. The handsome orchestra director provides Catalina with her greatest desire, her greatest love and her greatest tragedy. Most importantly, Carlos is the catalyst that transforms Catalina definitively and irrevocably. Based on the iconic novel by Angeles Mastretta, Arrancame la vida is the story of a young woman searching for freedom and identity during Mexico’s defining era.
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