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The Librarian: Quest for the Spear (2004) 2.0.4
The Librarian: Quest for the Spear (2004)
Продължителност:92 minutes
South Korea15
United KingdomPG
United StatesTV-PG
Tagline:He didn't want to be a hero. He only wanted a job.
Awesome - want more!
20 May 2005 | by See all my reviews

Perfect family or "date" movie. Have two boys 10 and 12 who love anything action/adventure/fantasy. It is hard to find age appropriate movies in these genre that aren't campy or a bore. This has it all. Noah Wylie is cast perfectly, as is Jane Curtain and what a surprise Bob Newhart is. Cudos to the casting agents! This film is clean but yet full of action and adventure and humor. Nothing inappropriate or even moderately suggestive, no nudity, profanity or gore. There is one scene where someone is killed and might be a bit much for very young kids, but totally mild by today's standards. Even Nemo is scarier than this. This also lacks the "dark" of Tim Burton films, Lord of the Rings or even some of the Star Wars, etc. We need a series or at the very least a sequel and fast! If anyone knows any scoop on that, please email me!

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