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Survival Knife (2016) 2.0.4
Survival Knife (2016)
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Продължителност:90 minutes
Tagline:Sometimes to survive, you have to become someone else... but who?
Somebody Give Me a Gun
1 February 2016 | by (Frankfort, KY) – See all my reviews

Awful does not begin to describe what I watched. Actually, I didn't watch all the movie. In fact, my finger was on my FF button quite a bit.

The advertisement for this (at least on On Demand) was misleading. The survivor was referred to as a savior. Really, or was that just a big lie to lure people like me into renting this gigantic turd? Penny is the sole survivor in a really bad movie. I knew it from the opening credits this was going to be "el cheapo turdigantis." That also does not come close to describing this thing called a movie. It is so overall bad there is not one redeeming facet to talk about. Sound editing (if there was any) was so awful they had to use English subtitles in an English speaking movie. The character of the psychiatrist has to be seen to be believed. The dialogue; OMG, the dialogue. The main character bangs on her head a lot. The mere fact she was the survivor only further proved how stupid and inept the serial killer must have been.

So far, this is on the top of my worst movie of ANY kind for 2016, and definitely the worst "horror" movie ever. Steer FAR around this one people. You'll be glad you did. Rated "I-don't-care", although it has lots of naked breasts. All involved can now go back to their jobs at Jack-N-The-Box. Oh, and did I say it was AWFUL?

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