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Sniper: Special Ops (2016) 2.0.4
Sniper: Special Ops (2016)
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South Korea15
United Kingdom15
United StatesR
Tagline:He's watching your six.
So that's what Steven Seagal acts like....
24 November 2016 | by See all my reviews

I've never knowingly watched a Steven Seagal movie before and I came into this one 5-10 mins after the start on late-night TV, so I didn't recognize him in the dark glasses and - as somebody else has pointed out here - expanded waistline. I quickly became mesmerized by it, simply because I couldn't believe that anybody really makes movies this bad any more. I thought I must be tripping.

For a start off, as we all know, according to that Paul Hardcastle song, the average age of the combat soldier in Vietnam was 19. According to Sniper: Special Ops, the average age of the combat soldier in Afghanistan appears to be about 59. The commanding officer in particular, played by actor Dale Dye who is in his 70s, looked monstrously miscast.

Then the guy in the dark glasses - presumably the sniper of the title and as I later discovered, played by Seagal - has to get up and get some water. He's behind enemy lines, there are potential snipers behind every wall, IUDs etc, and yes, I know he's hard and frightened of nothing, but wouldn't he have displayed just a little caution in walking around, instead of looking like he's strolling down to the neighborhood 7-11? I found myself yelling at the TV "you're an actor! Why don't you ACT?" Then I found out it was that famous and popular actor with the dozens of movies to his name, Steven Seagal. Wow.

That's 84 minutes of my life I will never get back. Though I must admit I did get a bit of a giggle out of it.

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