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Singam 3 (2017) 2.0.4
Singam 3 (2017)
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Продължителност:155 minutes
Tagline:The Universal Cop
A hat trick from Director Hari and Surya
9 February 2017 | by (Karur, India) – See all my reviews

The story sets in soon after the title card. The first half an hour was slow. But once the investigation gets intense the movie, like the camera of Priyan moves faster. The last hour an hour before the interval kicked out the dizziness.

Second half has every element to entertain the audience – except a song. When the cat and mouse game begins between Surya and the antagonist there was no time to look back. Everything Surya does get a whistle from the audience. The climax was much predictable one. Hari has left the franchise open again.

Scenes analysis: As mentioned earlier the first half an hour or so was a drag. The item song adds up to the tiresome. A 10 minutes flashback about Surya and Anushka was enforced only for a song – It was predictable. Though few fans (including me) were busy preparing their mind for a boring film, Hari was busy webbing the story around.

Once Surya kicks the one day operation the story kick starts as well. The investigation scenes pull back the audience into the movie. The truth behind the murder of the commissioner was a possible reality. Though the audience knows the true antagonist, Surya was kept unknown throughout the first half (Pity of him). Unlike Singam 2 the interval block gives the Antagonist the upper hand.

After interval the movie travels as a cat and mouse game. The scenes in Australia were predictable with few Hari's touch. The way Surya catches the return flight to India was Goosebumps moment for Singam and Surya fans.

The hacking scenes were great for a movie but only technical team should answer the logic behind it. Each and every move by Surya in the second half brings in whistles. But the last fifteen minutes was a drag the movie again.

There are few emotional dialogues and proud moments as well. Singam plants himself as an Indian as well as a decent human being in every opportunity he gets.

Cast performance: Surya as Dhurai Singam has done an exceptional job. His entry just reveals what he is going to do the entire movie. His expressions in the action scenes, his emotional dialogues and confident walk carve him as a real police officer in the audience's mind. Surya fans will celebrate him throughout the movie for sure.

Anushka Shetty as Kavya was used only for a song and a few scenes. Her screen presence was comparatively less, but has done a good job.

Shruthi Hassan as Vidhya aka Agni impresses in the initial scenes, but once the movie sets in she does feel like a burden. She was introduced along with Surya in the same scene. Her character was predictable in the first half and her actions too in the second half. Off course she has a song to dance with Surya.

Sharat Saxena as Reddy was not that powerful as an antagonist. His physic does threaten but not his actions. Thakur Anoop Singh as Vittal Prasad was a muscular antagonist. He has done a decent job. Though his slang was not understandable at times, he manages impress the audience.

Soori was roped in for comedy track which fails miserably. It slows down the phase of the movie and it didn't create a moment of laughter as well. Robo Shankar who was seen as a comedian so far has got a serious role which he delivers with perfection (But watching his comedies were good rather than a serious police officer).

Krish as Surya's assistant has delivered what was needed for the role. Radhika Sarath Kumar and Sarath Babu Impresses in the fewer frames they appear. All the other characters have done a good job.

Team Technical aspects: Priyan, the man behind the camera has done a great job. His camera has traveled at the same phase as the story. Off course it travels from a continent to continent in seconds. Editing by V.T.Vijayan and T.S.Jay was good as well. They have placed the right scenes at the right time.

Harris Jeyaraj was one of the greatest disappointments I felt. The BGM was OK but not that appealing. Once the words Singam… Singam… fades away the BGM too fades with it. Wifi Wifi was the only line I could remember from the songs. I am sorry sir but that's the truth.

Hari has put in lot of hard works. As I said before many franchise fails after the first movie but Hari still maintain the tempo of Singam. His screenplay was great and crisp. He hooks in the audience till the end of the movie (Except the climax). Though his stories are predictable he makes it exciting.

Negatives: Though the movie was a fast phased and entertaining one there few side-lines as well. The first half an hour sets the story but fails to impress. Shruthi's character feels like a forced one. Once her true identity is revealed she doesn't have anything to do. Soori's comedy track was another forced element. Most of his scenes slow down the movie.

There were many logical loop holes. I am not sure about the hacking part but why all the officers except Surya and his team were double agents? One might feel the same when watching the movie. In the entire police department Surya was the only brainy. All the others wait for him to crack the code. Human bodies were thrown like a cricket ball throughout the movie. Surya is the only man shoots the criminals without failing.

Though the sidelines drag the movie the tight screenplay and Surya's acting will never let you down. The Singam franchise saves itself with another hit for sure. Family audience will love it; if you are a lover of mass entertainer don't miss it. Surya's fans will go crazy.

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