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Legion of the Dead (2005) 2.0.4
Legion of the Dead (2005)
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Продължителност:82 minutes
United Kingdom18
United StatesR
Tagline:An ancient tomb unearthed... An underworld army unleashed!
The complete opposite of what a horror film should be like...
5 November 2012 | by See all my reviews

I have made no secret of intensely disliking most of The Asylum's movies, but there is something about their awfulness that intrigues me into watching more of their movies, also to see if they'd make a decent movie. So far there has been four of their films that are better than you'd expect, but they are still average. Which is more than I could say for Legion of the Dead, which is down there with their worst. The two leading ladies are beautiful and there is one mildly amusing line, other than it is utter drivel from start to finish. It is very poorly made, I have seen better camera work from our camcorder at home, while the scenery is tacky, the lighting dull and the special effects really fake and cheesy-looking. The music and sound effects have a tendency to drown out the dialogue and they are far too obvious, when something "scary" happens they single-handedly ruin the suspense and scare-factor these scares ought to have. The dialogue apart from one line is so corny it makes your ears cringe with embarrassment, while the story, aside from that it is very formulaic- takes far too long to get going and never gets exciting or suspenseful. The characterisations of the mummies are frustratingly inconsistent, either make them rip out body parts with one hand or make them annoyingly ineffectual, but please don't make them have both, with more emphasis on the latter. The human characters are stereotypical and are not likable in the slightest, and beautiful eye-candy unfortunately doesn't equal good acting, which is what is severely lacking in Legion of the Dead. In conclusion, the only thing really that is scary about Legion of the Dead was how truly awful it was. 1/10 Bethany Cox

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