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Hickok (2017) 2.0.4
Hickok (2017)
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Продължителност:88 minutes
United StatesNot Rated
Beyond awfulness
9 July 2017 | by See all my reviews

Where to begin. This movie was beyond awfulness. It is as if some guys had way too many beers and in a stupor wrote out the script on a dirty napkin. The acting was deplorable. It was as if they were reading cue cards that were to far to read. The acting was wooden and in slow motion. They had a excellent opportunity to make a half decent western with Kris and Trace in the mix. Even Bruce could have done much better even though he is as old as dirt and really needs to stop acting. I think he was thrown in the mix to make a interesting cast that fell flat. Who in their right mind would cast Hemsworth to play Hickok anyway. This man can't act out of a wet paper bag guys. The script was awful and the direction was just down right bad and the acting was on a whole level of terrible. It was just like someone else said, it was like watching a train wreck, you couldn't stop watching it because you was hoping it would get better but never did. This was a 101 lesson on how not to make a western or any other kind of movie. This really was a very bad movie. I was wishing for more because I really love westerns but man oh man this thing stunk.

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