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Dang kou feng yun (2017) 2.0.4
Dang kou feng yun (2017)
No photo available
Продължителност:128 minutes
Hong KongIIB
South Korea15
United Kingdom15
Коментари: Boring and stupid
10 September 2017 | by See all my reviews

This is a very traditional way that Chinese movie makers kept doing. Slow tempo, wasted lot of money on settings, costumes, attire accessories, uniforms, weaponry....formatted dialog, predictable scenarios.....rigid 1 dimensional acting, no-brain directing, etc and etc.

But among all of these clichГ©s, the worst in this film is the pathetic soundtrack. The first viewer has already pointed out this awful arrangement, but the problem of the western styled music is not just that bad, it's problem the music director or soundtrack supervisor used a music that got nothing to do with every scene, it just repeatedly played on and on; in fighting scenes, in the camp, during dialog, it just played on with the same tune, same tone. It's the soundtrack that bothered me so severely, so I just have to quit watching. What a stupid and boring movie. Another living example how the Chinese movie makers never understood how to spent the budget wisely. The fighting scenes are okay, but they were ruined by the emotionless soundtrack.

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