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Force 2 (2016) 2.0.4
Force 2 (2016)
No photo available
Продължителност:127 minutes
New ZealandR13
South Korea18
United Kingdom12A
United StatesNot Rated
Movie without any message, purpose or soul
11 March 2017 | by See all my reviews

I watched this movie on DVD last week after a friend told me that it is a one time watch. I have seen the previous Force which really had a great plot with nice acting by lead and supporting cast but this 2016 Force 2 is nothing as compared to the previous Force. And above that they have taken Sonakshi Sinha (the AKIRA girl) and her character is so dumb that sometimes you wish the bad guy should have killed her in the first half of the movie. Anyhow coming back to the plot, well actually the movie has no plot. The motive behind the wrongdoings by the bad guy is not justifiable and is childish. I don't understand what the team of writers were doing when they finalized this script. John is good but the story is so weak that you really feel bad that you actually decided to watch this dumb piece of cinema. As far Sonakshi is concerned, I wonder why she was taken for this role. The bad guy (Bhasin) is good and reminds of SRK from the movie baazigar. Just ignore it and watch Force 1 again.

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