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Fletch (1985) 2.0.4
Fletch (1985)
No photo available
Продължителност:98 minutes
FranceTous publics
United KingdomPG
United StatesPG
West Germany12
Tagline:Fletch. Until last week, he was just another mild-mannered reporter fighting for truth, justice and a window office. Now he's being threatened, shot at, accused and arrested. And that's by the people he's trying to help. But there's still one thing even more dangerous than his work. His love life.
9 September 2004 | by See all my reviews

My friend in college recommended this movie last year and I finally got around to seeing it today and I just have to say it was absolutely hilarious! The dialog was witty, plot kept my attention, and even though I hate Chevy's new material this was definitely awesome. The lady that played Gail Stanwyk was so hot too I couldn't believe it. The only other movie I recognized her from was "Tombstone", it's a travesty she's not in more as she's such a good actress to go along with her looks. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and am looking forward to watching it again. I highly recommend it if you are one of the unfortunate's that haven't been graced with it's showing yet.

Final Call:

Movies : Sure I'd splurge!

DVD Purchase : Yes, I just hope they digitally remastered it as the VHS copy was kind of blurry.

Rental : An awesome rental!

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