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24: Legacy (2016) 2.0.4
24: Legacy (2016)
No photo available
Продължителност:41 minutes
New ZealandR13
United Kingdom15
United StatesTV-14
Tagline:New day. New hero.
Excessive and intrusive non-POV shaky cam must go
6 February 2017 | by (Canada) – See all my reviews

So much non-Point Of View shaky cam. This may have added some suspense back with Day One of 24 when we were mostly watching on 23-32" 480i CRTs, but with so many people today having 60" screens and more, the constant jogging around of the camera doesn't look suspenseful, it doesn't add tension, it looks like someone is purposefully wobbling the camera around all the time and it looks...STUPID!! Seriously, if you're running behind someone that's fair enough even though I believe all non-POV shaky cam has no place on the screen (if it doesn't represent someone's point of view and isn't a documentary, why is it moving around?) it is still a little more forgivable in this circumstance. But when someone is just standing in an office talking on the phone and you can plainly see the camera making seizure-like movements the entire's utterly ridiculous.

Makes me wonder if Jon Cassar and all the team of directors and producers are watching only on 22" professional calibration monitors and not seeing literally the bigger picture. I lasted through the first 30 minutes of last night's premiere and had to turn it off, the shaky cam was so intrusive that it made enjoying the show virtually impossible.

I've been longing to someday revisit 24 and with The X-Files Blu-ray set coming out figured someday soon Fox might do 24, but I will need to watch a few clips online on YouTube or something like that to see if the shaky cam is as egregious back then as it was last night - if so, my desire to re-watch the first five amazing "days" of Jack Bauer will likely experience a complete 180 degree reversal.

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